Understanding Your Skin Tone Just Got Easier With These 5 Tips

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How to determine your skin tone

What colours are perfect for your skin tone? Before talking about colours that suit your skin tone, we would like to give a brief run down of how to determine your skin tone.

So many people choose to wear and buy their clothes according to fashion trends rather than picking out clothes based on their skin’s natural colour.

Apparently, this isn’t going to do you any favors, instead, it can make your skin look washed out or make your skin blend in too much with your clothes.

Choosing clothing that will complement your skin tone is not that difficult, but it does require some basic knowledge of colour practical and the ability to determine your skin tones.

Choosing the right colours for your wardrobe will help you look great, feel confident, and you would need very little make-up or accessories to look [email protected]

Instead of choosing clothes based on fashion trends, choose them based on how well the colours  complement you.

Skin undertones vary from warm (yellow/green-based) to cool (pink/blue-based), and some people have neutral skin tone that works very well with both warm and cool tones.

Below are some ways to determine your skin colour.

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