How To Turn Heads With Your Fascinator In 7 Amazing Ways

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Fascinators which has always being in vogue from time to time is for stylish and [email protected] women who want to switch their looks at various events.

Fascinators are small headpieces different from hats. They have decorations attached to base like a comb, headband or clip.

Fascinators can be worn to weddings, cocktail parties, Polo races, garden or tea party, But before choosing a fascinator, there are certain things you must consider. Firstly, know your face shape, know how your outfit would suit the type of hair fascinator you about to pick, check to see that the colours compliment each other.

Here are 7 stylish ways to make a statement with your fascinators

1.  Choose Bright Colored Fascinators

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If you want to make a state with you fascinator, make sure you choose a bright colored one. colours like yellow, magenta, orange etc brings out the best in an outfit.

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