These Trending Wedding Videos Prove A Father-Daughter Bond Is Unbreakable

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Most fathers and daughters share an enviable bond, that no one can match up to. They are practically inseparable, and their love grows stronger with time.

Fathers are usually the first hero for most daughters, and when the time comes for the daughter to find love, walk down the aisle ans start her own family, the father is usually there to play a very significant role.

Some fathers play this role so perfectly one would think they have done it for years, while others are so emotional about it.

Recently an emotional video that showed a bride cry as her father’s emotional message was read to her because he couldn’t make it the wedding due to his ill health was shared on Instagram.

Watch the video below

Another emotional trending video shows a father walking down the aisle with his daughter. The interesting part of this video is that not only did the bride’s father cry, her groom also cried and it was so emotional.

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