Top 9 Photos Of Adenike Oyetunde That Prove She Is Not Allowing Her Disability Weigh Her Down (With Photos)

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Adenike Oyetunde is a cancer survivor who has proven to be unstoppable in the face of challenges.

Oyetunde was diagnosed with cancer at age 20 and lost her limbs as a result of this. However, she wasn’t deterred as she went on to become a lawyer, OAP and an activist.

Eleven years now since she lost her right limb to cancer, Adenike has made more than the best of her situation. Along the line, she has inspired thousands, raised many and given some the lift they desperately needed  through Amputees United, which she founded to raise funds and provide support to amputees.

Adenike over time didnt allow the lose of her leg affect her and here are some photos that prove just that. .

1. The joy Adenike radiates in the face of challenges is so inspiring.

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