Top 12 — Best African Rappers 2017

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Best African Rappers 2016

Rap music, also sometimes known as hip-hop music, is a style of popular music believed to have its beginnings in African-American inner-city street culture. Rap musicians generally perform in a vocal style in which the lyrics are spoken, rather than sung.

This type of music often deals with the hardships of inner-city life, though it is generally as varied in theme as any other style of music.

Hip hop is generally characterized more by its often complex, rhyming lyrics than by its subject matter. Though it has its beginnings in the underground music scene of the 1970s, this music is today considered a very mainstream music genre, popular among people of all ages and backgrounds.

Hip hop is dominated with rap, in fact it defines it. In Ghana for instance,the rap genre hiplife involves the combination of hip-hop rap with highlife.

Some define rap as Rhythmic African Poetry as they trace its root from Africa.Hip Hop reached Senegal for instance in 1985. Since then it has gained in popularity in the African continent.

Here are the 10 Best African Rappers as of 2017. These rappers have fans all over Africa and the world.Lets begin;

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