Top 10 facts about Funke Akindele’s Step Daughter, Tamira Bello – Her Lifestyle, Relationship and More (PHOTOS)

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Even though Funke Akindele is now a
mother, she was a step-mom for three JJC Skillz children. Today, we are
going to tell you about one of these kids, who is actually not a child
anymore. We will be talking about Funke Akindele daughter, or rather
stepdaughter, Tamira Bello. Find out more about this young lady and take
a look at her gorgeous pictures.

Funke Akindele and her daughter - facts you should know

Who is Tamira Bello?

Bello is the eldest daughter of JJC Skillz and his first baby mama
Taiye Fajemisin Adeyemi. She was born on February 9, 1997, and her
zodiac sign is Aquarius. In August 2016, after her father married the
talented Nigerian actress Funke Akindele, Tamira became Funke Akindele’s

Funke Akindele and her daughter

though the two are not related by blood, the two ladies get along very
well. To be fair, Tamira even looks like she could have been Funke
Akindele child!

Tamira's mother

Tamira and her mother Taiye

20-year-old lady lives in the United Kingdom with her mother,
step-father and siblings. However, this does not stop her from keeping
in touch with her father and the rest of her family. Tamira is very
close to them all, including Funke Akindele.

that you know the basic stuff about her, it is time to talk about some
interesting things we have managed to find out about Tamira.

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