How Tonto Dikeh Intends To Help Female Prisoners Is Honourable

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Tonto Dikeh, is a Nigerian actress, singer, and philanthropist disclosed that her foundation, Tonto Dikeh Foundation (TDF) would be helping female inmates.

Here’s what she shared:

To me sending someone to the prison is a corrective measures designed to help people and make them learn more on how to co-exist with others without, infringing on their rights.

It is trite to state that correction facilities in modern countries are put in place to reform inmates who have committed offences against the land. The prisons are equipped to psychologically propel prisoners into submission to good behaviours, thereby saving society the ache of criminal resurgence. It is in these correction centres that recalcitrant individuals are made to acquire skills that will make them better citizens upon released.

The reverse is the case here In Nigeria, as in other parts of the world, the prison is a male-dominated institution as women count for only an insignificant percentage of the total population. Similarly, the percentage of female prison staff is quite low. This largely explains why women prisoners or detainees are not quite noticeable. issues affecting them, such as housing, safety, healthcare,pregnancy, caring for children in prison as well as rehabilitation needs are often not given adequate attention. Besides, the condition of women prisoners in Nigeria is also made worse by the fact that Nigerian prisons are generally underfunded. Just imagine a baby living in the prison with her mother. Just imagine the psychological effect and stigma this could have on the little innocent child.

We believe that there is so much of good things that this people can contribute to this nation. We have seen cases of ex convicts imparting positively and we have seen several leaders emerging from the prison. This can happen again in our society if we get it right.

The TONTO DIKEH foundation will be joining forces with other well-meaning Nigerians at home and in diaspora to improve the lives of women in prison in Nigeria and all over the world, many are suffering for an offenses they know nothing about. We have well tailored programs to give u the needful help. Don’t worry we are coming for you. The Tonto Dikeh foundation… building a better future. #women4women #Back2school #skillacquisition #womenempowerment #unwomen #girlpower #1girl1pen

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