All The Times Psquare Had Shown Signs Of A Major Break-Up

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It is no longer news that the business relationship between P Square may have finally come to an end after a video which surfaced showed  Paul and his brothers Jude and Peter almost exchanging blows.

The feud between the brothers has been a long time coming as there has been numerous public squabbles between them in time past. presents all the times the brothers have fallen out publicly.

April 2014 

This was when it all began and people began to notice all was not well with the Psquare brand. This came as a shock to fans who thought the brothers were inseparable.

The cause of the rift was over Peter’s accusation that Paul and Jude were sidelining him. That if they pushed out 200 songs, 199 songs would be written by Paul. That people were calling him a dancer in P-Square which got him really angry.

He also accused his brother Jude of disrespecting his wife, Lola.

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