Stop Reopening Doors For Toxic People And Calling It Closure – Tonto Dikeh

Actress Tonto Dikeh has some truth to be told this Tuesday morning.
The mom of one whose marriage to Olakunle Chuirchill recently fell apart, took to her IG page to share some deep thoughts about relationships with humans and God.

She wrote:
“You’ve been stuck for far tooo long!!! One thing I’ve discovered in life is that I had to participate in my healing journey. Nothing changes until YOU change. Your therapist can’t fix you, your pastor can’t fix you. Those Meds only sedate you,those hard drrugs only keep you high/Numb/wasted for a while but the problem never gets high too nor go away..But GOD!!!! He heals you from the inside out. You’ll never be the same once you have a true experience with Him! How do you have this experience with him, you ask? Welcome Him! Say father, I want you, I need you! Forgive me of my sins. Come live inside of me. Speak to me! Have your way in my life!! It’s that easy. He brings you peace and rest.
Stop re-opening doors for toxic people and calling it closure! God doesn’t need your help. He keeps showing you many red flags and you keep ignoring them. Stop trying to stabilize what God is trying to set you free from and Trust Him!!!! What God has for you on the other side of your obedience is CRAZY AWESOME! #Realtalkkim”

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