How Social Media Destroyed Segun Arinze’s Marriage

Veteran Nollywood actor, Segun Arinze has said that social media is helping to destroy so many celebrity marriages.

The 52-year-old actor who suffered a broken marriage in 2003 from his ex-wife and actress Anne Njemanze ‘Domitila’ said celebrities aren’t “helping themselves” by putting their private lives on social media.

“I have had my share of it,” he said, speaking to LIB “remember I had a broken marriage.”

He said:

Social Media is helping to destroy so many marriages and a lot of our so-called celebrities are not helping themselves by putting their marriages and relationships on social media.

Your private life should be private. I have had my share of it, remember I had a broken marriage before I remarried again.

Learn to keep your private life private and your public life public. You don’t let the whole world come into your life and see what you are doing because the same people who are seeing you today and going to mock you tomorrow.

As a public figure, it’s really tough being a public figure. Celebrities need to separate their private lives from the public, show what’s necessary if it’s important.

It’s really crazy how everybody post about their private life on the Internet, looking for likes and all that. Social media has its advantages in terms of reaching out to fans, marketing and promoting of your brands. But the disadvantages will come back to hurt you.

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