Rihanna’s Fans Are Not Happy With Chris Brown’s Comment On Her Instagram Post

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Rihanna posted photos of herself on Monday wearing a revealing costume for the 2017 Crop Over festival in Barbados, and her famous ex reacted with the emoji of a pair of eyes looking left in the comments section of one of her photos.
The “Work” singer is seen sporting colorful feathers, blue hair and a jewel encrusted two piece. Brown’s response did not go over well with some fans.
he pair is forever connected in controversy after Brown @ssault then-girlfriend Rihanna on the night of the Grammys in 2009.
Brown pleaded guilty to the @ssault and in 2016 talked about the aftermath which he said took him “from being on top of the world, No. 1 songs, being kind of like America’s sweetheart to being Public Enemy No. 1.”
And while the pair tried to make it work after the infamous incident, they ultimately called it quits years ago.

Rihanna’s Instagram fans had some choice words for Brown after he posted his emoji comment. Some took their commentary and memes to Twitter.

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