Cassava Republic Press 2022 and instructions for applying using the online application form or portal.

Find out directly about local Cassava Republic Press job openings by contacting the employers directly.
People who meet the job qualifications for Cassava Republic Press are eligible for these openings.

The application form for Cassava Republic Press is free by the company, in contrast to the majority of agencies that charge to show current employment opportunities presented by Cassava Republic Press.

About Cassava Republic Press

The innovative publishing house Cassava Republic Press was established by and for Africans.
Its main goals are the promotion of African literature and the identification of upcoming writers from the continent.

Cassava Republic Press was established in Nigeria in 2006 and in the United Kingdom and the United States of America between 2016 and 2017.

The African Publishing Innovation Fund granted Cassava Republic Press a $20,000 grant in October 2019 to support the launch of creative initiatives that would increase literacy, book accessibility, and the use of native African languages in literature.

Application for the Cassava Republic Press: Requirements

A science BSc degree

a focus on the details.

superior communication abilities (written and oral)

It will be necessary to have a current NYSC discharge or exemption certificate.

focused on achieving results with an emphasis on product quality and client pleasure

How to Submit a Cassava Republic Press Employment Application in 2022

When is the closing date for the Cassava Republic Press’s recruitment for 2022?

There is currently no deadline for Cassava Republic Press job applications, but we are keeping an eye out for it and will let you know if it is announced.

Please feel free to leave a remark if you have any queries or concerns.

Make sure you have read the requirements in their entirety and that you are a fit for them.