Together with the Canadian government, Canada Citizenship Immigration Services provides services.
We make sure that the Canadian immigration process is successful for both the new immigrants and for Canada through a variety of immigration initiatives.
The Canadian government aggressively utilizes its immigration programs to make sure that people who fit Canada’s qualifications as well as those of its provinces and/or industry get a chance to apply.

People who want to immigrate to Canada can currently choose from a number of programs.
Applications must adhere to legislation, standards, and qualifications.
The Canadian government admits about 400,000 immigrants to Canada every year through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), mostly through the Family Class Programs and Economic Class Programs.
Canada offers several active immigration programs with various approval processes.

What is Permanent Residency in Canada?

The Family Class and the Economic Class are granted permanent residency by the Canadian government.
The category of visas for skilled workers abroad is very popular.
It is a five-year visa with multiple entries that gives qualified foreign employees the chance to work and live in Canada.
After three years of residing and working in Canada with a PR status, you can convert it to Canadian citizenship.

There are various immigration routes one might take to become a permanent resident of Canada.
You have a number of choices to obtain a PR status through the various Canada immigration programs, including Express Entry, Business Immigration, Family Sponsorship, and a study abroad program.