People Misunderstood Me – Singer Waje Explains

Singer Waje, has finally shade more light on an IG post that had many talking.

The singer had taken to IG to thank God for taking her pain away and looking forward to meeting him. Many immediately saw issues with the post.

Speaking with LIB finally shade more light on her post saying
“People misunderstood that, even when my mom says she can’t wait for the coming Christ, I do tell her, Mummy hold it, I have not given birth to my second child, I have not hammer, I have not done that or done this, I want to see my grandchildren and all. But then when you go on blogs, I read stuff on social media. Actually, I shared that after watching a movie about a girl, she was sick, I think it was something cancerous. She fell down from a tree and that was how she got her healing. That made me realize that some of these things we work hard to get are not even important because at the end of the day we will still die. So, for me, I’m in a phase where I’m putting more value on things that matter. Trust me, I want to drive a beautiful car, live in the South of France, I want to be able to flex with my friends but I’m also understanding that those things don’t have any value. It’s not a legacy that I’m going to leave at end of the day. So what is important is how I live and how many people’s lives I touch through my journey.
That was why I said I wouldn’t be putting too much attention on things that don’t matter and that was where that came from. When I saw people thought I said I was going to die, in fact, some one even reached out to me. I was like, baby. I ain’t going nowhere. I’m going to be a pain in your butt till maybe when I’m like 90.”

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