This Is The One Shocking Thing Foluke Daramola Discovered In Canada

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Popular actress, Foluke Daramola-Salako, speaks to JOY MARCUS, about fond memories of her trip to Canada.

What country did you visit recently and why did you go there?

That would be Canada. I went there for a programme.

How long did you spend there?

I was there for about two weeks and I lodged at the Le Meridien in Toronto, Canada. After the programme, I went to Maryland, USA, and afterwards, I travelled to New York to meet my family. I travelled with my family out of Nigeria but I went to Canada alone.

What did you enjoy most about your trip?

The serenity and beauty of the country is what I enjoyed the most. Canada is one of the most child-friendly countries that I have ever been to. The country is just like a combination of the conservative United Kingdom and the liberal United States of America.

What will a first-time visitor find interesting about Canada?

What any one will find interesting about Canada is the fact that even though it is so close to the US, they are so different. Like I said, it is a conservative country. For a first-time visitor, being hard-working and focused will take you very far. One thing you will not get away with in Canada is engaging in any form of illegal activity. Canadians don’t mind immigrants coming into their country but they also want professionals to come on board too.

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