I Have No Regret Being A Born Again Christian – Lynxx

Rapper Lynxx took everyone by surprise two years ago when he announced he has given his life to Christ.
He again took to IG a few hours ago to celebrate his 2nd year being a born again Christian, revealing he has no regrets whatsoever for taking that decision.

He wrote:
“On this day 2 Years ago (7.8.15) i had an encounter with the Holy Spirit that changed my life, perspective and overall my entire being Forever.

There has been growth, ups, downs, challenges, misconceptions, attacks, mocks, gossip, sowing, reaping, healing, manifestations, uncountable blessings and miracles on this journey in such a short period of time BUT one things for sure, i have no regrets and would never ever look back.
Im not perfect, would never be, still a sinner saved by grace, still struggle daily but would keep pushing this calling till my purpose is fulfilled on earth.
Ill keep making Music for those that love it (not gospel contrary to what many believe lol) and keep living a regular life in a God guided way but do me a favor today and say a prayer for me thats worth more than anything else.
God bless you all!”

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