Nigerian Female Celebrities Who Are Above 40yrs & Still Look Very Beautiful (With Pictures)

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Having a successful acting career doesn’t seem to be enough in Africa as a woman is expected to be married at a certain age. But these women seem to have defied all odds and are content being single at such age, after all, ‘life they say begins at 40’.

We present seven actresses who are above 40 years old and are currently living the singles life:

1. Rita Dominic 40

Rita Dominic green1

Rita Dominic Nwaturuocha is a very outstanding actress and fashionista. One of the few celebrities who has almost no scandal to her name, the actress is regarded by many as “a cultured lady”.

And while her fans and the whole world are asking, “What is she waiting for to get married?”, she keeps doing her thing on our TV screen undeterred.

With her beauty, charisma and charm, she seems to have all it takes but is missing a man.

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