This Nigerian Couple Got ‘Triple Bundle Of Joy’ After 11 Years Of Waiting

Nigerian Couple Have Triplets After 11 Years

After 11 years of waiting, a River state based couple, Charles Ojieh and his wife have welcomed a set of triplets .

The couple got married in 2006 and since then, they had been looking up to God for a baby but after waiting for so long, they got triple blessings.

The couple’s excited friend, Ross Alabo-George – was so joyous, he rushed to social media to celebrate the new parents and their bundles of joy.

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Ross shared photos of the triplets with their parents in the hospital. He wrote on Facebook:

“Congratulations to my friends Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ojieh. After 11 years of patiently waiting… Only a God like God can do this. #Triplets.”

We have photos below

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