How This Newly Called To Bar Lady Fell In Love With Law At Age 2 Will Amaze You

Instagram user, Kaka Eva-Offiah has shared an amazing story to celebrate her mother on her call to bar.

In her post, she shared the spectacular story of how she had followed her mum to court about 23 years  ago and how she had fallen in love with the law.

At her call to bar, she appeared in court with her mum, not as a howling 2 year old in soggy nappies, but as her colleague, robed in a wig and a gown.

She also had the rare privilege of having her first appearance in court less than 24hours after her call at the Supreme Court of Nigeria, and the rare privilege of being announced in court by the first female SAN of the South-Eastern Region, former Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice Enugu State, former NBA Chairman and Body of Bencher, who is her mother.

According to her: “Let me tell you a story. 23years ago, my mother, then Commissioner for Justice and Attorney General Enugu State, drove to court early one morning. She didn’t realize that a tiny 2year old was crouched down behind the driver’s seat, clad in her pjs and soggy nappies. You see, I’ve been said to be very attached to my Mommybear.

And I couldn’t understand why she had to leave me every morning. She mostly let me go out with her except in the mornings, but that day, I wasn’t having it. I crawled into the car while it was being cleaned and hid in there(I still wonder how she didn’t see me). My unsuspecting mother got to the Court of Appeal, and hurried in. I waited in the car for what seemed like forever, still crouched down in my hiding position. After realizing that my plan wasn’t working out as I thought it would, I opened the door and got out of the car.

The court building was huge. Little me in my now heavy nappies and onesie pjs ran into the nearest entrance screaming “Moommmmmy” at the top of my voice. I didn’t know where to look. Some kind people(then enemies trying to keep me away from my beloved mother) tried to hold me and help me find my mom, I scratched at them and escaped. I kept screaming for my Mommybear and wandering around the building. She must have heard me cause next thing, a shocked looking Mommybear dashed out of some nearby court room. ❤”

We have her full post below: