Meet the Top 10 Richest Women in Africa 2017

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Richest Women in Africa 2017

The African continent is characterized by unequal distribution of wealth. Many African women face high rates of poverty. However, some of them are rich.

The current generation of African women is ambitions, and is eager to reform societies, build industries and rewrite history. Africa has produced few rich women. These women are highly influential in the continent.

Think only men can be rich? Think again and get the list of the top 10 richest women in Africa with some facts on them and their net worth.

The list has many remarkable personalities in it. Some of these ladies have got their capital from their families. However, there are few who have made all the way up from some very humble positions in life. Their lives inspire millions of ladies in Africa and around the world.

1010. Elisabeth Bradley – Net Worth:31 million dollars – (South Africa)

The 77 year old South African acquires her wealth through her deals in Toyota cars and Wesco Investment Limited which she inherited from her parents.

The family of this female African millionaire was the first to introduce Toyotas to this continent. It occurred in 1961 and since that time this auto brand has become hugely popular both in South African and on the continent in general.

That was the source of the fortune of her family. Elisabeth managed to grow the company and the riches. For many years shed used to be an active management member of the Wesco Investments Limited. Presently she has resigned the executive position due to her age.

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