Meet Dija’s Husband, Rotimi and their Son – Top Facts you to Know about them (With Photos)

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Fans love to observe all the details of the personal lives of their idols and enjoy finding out interesting information as quickly as they can. This is the case with the famous Hadiza Salma Blell, who is more popularly known under the creative pseudonym Dija. For a very long time, no one knew that is Dija married or anything much about her personal life.

For many people, the news about Dija husband was a pleasant surprise.

Dija husband Rotimi and baby

When the first rumors about Dija baby and marriage appeared on the Internet, only a few bloggers were able to get rare photos and wrote about it. Many fans did not believe it at all. This was understandable as there were were not enough information and evidence. But now we know the truth for sure. Let’s list some 100% true facts about Dija and husband:

  • For about two years, the celebrity’s beloved man remained behind the veil of secrecy. Only at the beginning of this year did the public know about him.
  • Dija husband name is Rotimi.
  • Dija wedding took place in 2015.
  • In 2016, the happy couple had a beautiful baby boy.

dija baby

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