Meet All The 6 Beauty Queens Davido Has Dated From 2012 To 2016 (With Photos)

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Sophie Momodu is the 29 year old cousin of ovation publisher,Bashorun Dele Momodu. The Abuja-based hottie regularly hooked up with the singer whenever he visited the city to perform

She first strayed into public consciousness one night when Davido wished her a most romantic birthday message that read;

“Happy Birthdau boobee!! You are a great person with such a beautiful heart!! You make me happy!!! have a great day!! Love you!!”

She is the only one that went from being girlfriend to Baby Mama.

Sophie also flirted openly in a message on her instagram page @iam_belladonna. She wrote,

“His actions speak for his heart, his focus is always on what matters and he always makes sure his people are straight!! Love you! I could write a whole book.”


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