Meet The 20 Richest Nigerian Actresses, Multi-Million Naira Properties They Own And Their Net Worth – See Who Is Number 1 (With Pictures)

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Richest Nigerian actresses: Apparently, we listed 20 actresses and their net worth but we detailed out 15. Took us 2 days to finish up this list. We present to you The Top 20 Richest Nigerian Actresses and Their Net worth. Sentiments aside, if you don’t agree with this List, as usual Use Our Comment box below. We had to Paginate this list because of the pictures and amount of texts this post contains. Putting All on one page would slow down your device, and of course swallow your Data Plans.

Below are the criteria we used in compiling this list!

  1. Years They’ve been active in the industry
  2. Amount they charge for a move
  3. Number of movies they’ve appeared in
  4. Endorsements
  5. Brands of Endorsements [Of course, Brands pay higher than the other]
  6. Properties [Their mansions, cars, luxurious lifestyles]

Sit Down, Relax, Get a Pop corn and ENJOY!

– Use The Comment Box to air your sentiments, disagreements and so on.

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