Liz Anjorin Has A Word For Women Who Enjoy Keeping Many Friends

Actress Liz Anjorin has taken to Instagram to pen her thoughts on women and their need to keep lots of friends.

According to the actress no one needs so many friends., as friends these days are filled with hate.

She wrote:

If you don’t reduce the number of friends you keep, number of happiness might reduce in you.. Statistically there is no age that reduce hate in women, women are their own enemy regardless of age or status.. Some women hate seeing their fellow women been happy or living large, especially when u table the beginning of ur happiness; they will be the one to pray for u, some will even call ur attention to fasting and prayer, but let God say amen to ur prayer: the boiling point of anger and hate in the same friends praying for u will rise to red point, they will start calling u names and start spoiling u with the little secret they know about u or huge fabricated lies just to see you crumble..

Why do you need friends?? My opinion is; it’s only puppet and coward that belief in friends.. Friends are like an attractive food, cooked with green frog: it has nothing to give to ur system than poison.. When u are happy pretend as if u are not, when u have a butter tell them it’s an expired one because they will go to any length to put sand in your butter.. U can imagine how women hate their fellow women so much on social media now, Imagine what some friends will do in real life, i don’t expect some women to be pained and miserable that much, life is turn by turn. How can some ladies derive so much joy in evils, some don’t have money, time, data for something meaningful except miserable things. If you make your fellow woman go through pains bcos of inferiority complex in u, u will pay in million folds.. note; number of ur gud deed among pple will definitely determine ur own happiness and success in life.

Many healthy marriage crashed and some productive relationship collapsed because of the HATE their friends injected in their fellow women relationship and that’s why some women will be in agony till the rest of their life.. God is not maga, what u sow is what u will reap.. U don’t need to table ur happiness in the midst of ur friends because some of them ve experience love for ‘donkey years’ but will acted as if they are okay but ofcos they are waiting for u reveal the koko behind ur happiness …some wmen need to reduce the hate in them before it drag them to mold of shame

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