The Life of Toyin Lawani – Real Age, Rich Parents, Children, Business, Scandalous love with second baby daddy

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Toyin Lawani biography will be interesting for anyone who admires her entrepreneurial and creative skills. This impressive woman has managed to become a multimillionaire and one of the richest stylists of Nigeria. She works in Lagos and runs her own company which includes a fashion academy.

She is also involved in the tourist and hospitality industry. Toyin deserves great respect for her philanthropic inclinations.

Toyin Lawani

Interesting biographical facts

  • Toyin was born in 1982 into a rich family in Ekiti state.
  • The girl had relatives that served as her motivation for making money. Her late mother ran her own textile business until the very last day of her life in the US. She also sold gold, cars and had a salon. The woman taught her daughter all she needed to be successful.
  • Father Olanrewaju Lawani wanted Toyin to be a lawyer. He occupied an important political post and even worked with General Gowon.
  • Toyin had everything she could wish for, but it did not make her lazy and weak. Toyin was taught the basics of entrepreneurship from early childhood. She took business lessons from her mother. All the ideas that led to the creation of Tiannah’s Empire were generated thanks to her mother’s input.
  • Toying gained independence early enough – at 16 years old. This was when she began to make money on her own. She was also admitted to the University of Lagos, where she received a bachelor’s degree in English.
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