Learn How To Prepare The Tasty Nigerian Native Jollof With This Simple Recipe

Ever heard of the Nigerian native jollof? If you haven’t then you are in luck because we will be sharing with an awesome recipe so you can try it out for the weekend.

Just as you know that Nigerians are crazy about their Jollof Rice, this same love has been extended to a dish we now know as the native jollof. In fact it has become the champion for those days we might want to go all out and prepare party jollof.

Incorporating some local spices and condiments, preparing a pot of native jollof is very easy and a tasty threat you should indulge in regularly. Watch the short video below for guidance.

To prepare yours you will need

– Rice

– Ugu Vegetable

-Smoked prawns

– Tomato, Habanero pepper and onion mix

– Crayfish

-Ponmo (optional)

– Smoked fish

– Palm oil

– Onion

– Seasoning cubes

– Salt