Here’s Why Serena Williams’ Fiancé Thinks Their Baby Might Be A Girl

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Alexis Ohanian speaks longingly about his fiancée Serena Williams and this has warmed the hearts of many people.

Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel show last night, the Reddit co-founder talked about the tennis champ’s pregnancy, their relationship, and the excitement of waiting for their baby.

Recall that Serena’s sister goofed some time ago when she claimed the $eex of the baby was female, stirring worldwide frenzy about the child. But Serena clarified later, noting that neither she nor her partner knows yet, the $eex of their baby.

Now, Alexis is speaking about Serena Williams on Jimmy Kimmel. When asked about the $eex of the baby, he said he can only guess. And he thinks it is going to be a baby girl.

His reason?

“Obviously, she won the Australian Open while pregnant and she remarked that she feels like it has to be a little girl, because everything that little baby went through and handled like a champ, only a woman could be strong enough to take on.”

And the Reddit boss said sweet things about women and pregnancy, plus how useless men are when their partners are expecting.

He said:

“I was very lucky to be raised by a very strong, amazing mother—and she’s got a good point. This is our first child. If anything, it’s really just reinforced how just amazing and strong and powerful and awesome women we are, and how useless we are during this whole thing. Because it’s like, ‘I can make you a grilled cheese. Does this help?’ We are worthless!”

And speaking about more intimate things about the tennis champ, the tech geek revealed his ignorance of tennis, and how Serena tried to educated him. Apparently he had never “never picked up a racket” pre Serena.He said:

“I was so ignorant when we first met. I had never even watched a match on television. Like, I would change the channel. I was such an arrogant football snob that I changed the channel when tennis was on. She’s actually offered to give me lessons. I turned them down. Because I want to be the only person in the world who would ever turn down Serena Williams for tennis lessons—and because I know there was no benefit to her seeing me be that bad.”

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