Here’s How Don Jazzy Punished His Body Guard For Threatening To Beat Up A Lady

Apparently the macho man that was shouting down a woman in an eatery in Lagos over the weekend was music executive, Don Jazzy’s body guard. After the video of the body guard identified as Chidi Irechukwu, went viral, the music executive relieved him of his job.

In an exclusive chat with LIB, a remorseful Chidi said he regrets his actions and that it was the woman calling him a thief that got him angry to speak to her in such manner

‘I entered the eatery and parked my car. I ensured that I wasn’t blocking anyone before I went in to place my order. While I was waiting to be attended to, the lady walked in, tapped me on my back and in a loud voice, asked me to go outside to repark my car. She said why would I park my car like a thief. Her indirectly calling me a thief got me angry and that was why I spoke to her in that maner and called her unprintable names. I never meant the threat of beating her. My mother raised me well never to beat a woman. When I was leaving the eatery, I was sad over the incident’.

Chidi says if given the opportunity, he would apologise to the woman.

Here is the video: