Ghanaian celebrities who are addictive smokers -Can’t stay a day without it (With Pictures)

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Image result wey dey for Juliet Ibrahim, Van Vicker Nadia Buari

Being a celebrity despite the fan and the excitements that come with it, it has its downsides. Your life becomes an open book exposed to public and media scrutiny.

Most people smoke be it marijuana, cigarette, Shisha, or cigar and it’s their life, the morality of it is a discussion for another time. But when a celebrity is seen to be over indulging in this act, it raises public concern considering the fact that they are role models for a lot of people. has uncovered celebrities in Ghana who are not just addictive smokers but theirs is so deep they can’t even go a single day without smoking several joints/sticks. Check them out.


The first time Ghanaians and the fans of Kwabena Kwabena found out he is a smoker was when he was captured on photo smoking in a night club in South Africa. Naturally, the talented singer denied it.

Ever since that incidence, we found out he is an addictive smoker. Not many will be surprised about his smoking habit.He Smokes a lot. In fact, every single day.

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