Here Is Forbes’ List Of Highest Earning Musicians Of 2017

Forbes has revealed their annual list of the highest-paid musicians of the year, and this year, Diddy, Beyonce, Drake, and TheWeeknd are among the top earners.
Diddy (Sean Combs) was named the highest earner of the year, raking in $130 Million due to his endorsement deal with Ciroc vodka, the sale of one-third of Sean John for $70 Million, and the BadBoy Family Reunion tour.
Beyonce is two on the list with $105 Million earnings .Drake came in third with $94 Million and was closely followed by the Weeknd at the fourth position with $92 million.

See the top 10 in full below:

1) Diddy ($130m)

2) Beyonce ($105m)

3) Drake ($94m)

4) The Weeknd ($92m)

5) Coldplay ($88m)

6) Guns N’ Roses ($84m)

7) Justin Bieber ($83.5m)

8) Bruce Springsteen ($75m)

9) Adele ($69m)

10) Metallica ($66.5m)