The End Of P-Square – 16 Of The Best P-Square Songs Ever Made (With Video)

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Best P-Square Songs

In 2001, Peter and Paul Okoye won the Grab da Mic competition and became the group that is known as P-Square today.

Since then, the duo has made it their duty to entertain Nigerians and the whole of Africa, indeed by creating music and giving us the best they have.

Sometime last year, the twin brothers had a major public fight that had the whole of Nigeria thinking they were going to end things. However, they bounced back again and went ahead to make music until a few days back when they shared subliminal messages on Instagram and according to reports, Peter has filed a letter of termination.

Whatever the case is, we wish them good luck as they deem fit and can only help but ponder on the magic they’ve created together over the past 16 years.


1. Do Me (featuring Waje)

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