Emeka Ossai And Wife Recount How They Waited For 5 Years Before Welcoming Twins

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Actor Emeka Ossai and his wife Jumai, have opened up on just how good God has been in their lives. The couple, recounted how they waited upon the lord for years before they were finally blessed with the fruit of the womb; twins.

Read their interview below:

How long have you been married?

Jumai: We have been together for almost 10 years now.

Where there oppositions to your marriage before it took place?

Jumai: No, none.

So, what was the attraction? 

Jumai: It was his impeccable command of the English language. He is also intelligent. I would not deny the looks too— he is a handsome man. The fact that he has a lot in common with my father, who is a very thorough person, endears him to me. Emeka is a very transparent person. He is also very English in his behaviour. I love my father dearly and meeting him was a case of seeing him as my father.

Was he an actor when you met him?

Jumai: Yes he was an actor but I didn’t know. I just loved what I saw and I wanted to keep and own him! In the process of dating him, I got to know he was an actor/producer and I enjoyed all the attention we got whenever we went out.

But most women want to have actors for keeps. How did you ‘catch’ him?

Jumai: Yes a lot of women want to have men in the entertainment industry but the question is: do the men want to own the women? So, it’s not how I ‘caught’ him, it should be how did catch me? I am not blowing my own trumpet but I am an @sset, a full package, a goal getter and I have the most beautiful heart in the world. On the home front, I am a sustainable wife ‘material’. Tell me, will any man in his right senses let me go? I don’t think so.

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