Eku Edewor Is Graceful On The Cover Of Cover Magazine’s Latest Issue

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New mum Eku Edewor dishes on her new beauty product, the Aurum Elixir, which performs just about all the beauty functions every lady – and guy- needs, motherhood her unique style and more as she features on Accelerate TV‘s The Cover Magazine.

Read excerpts below

On her unique style:

I would say that my style is like eclectic elegance or like an exciting [email protected] It is sort of like a contradiction because I like out-of-the-box pieces but I don’t like to be too trendy, I still like to look [email protected] and I like to look quite clean in some ways. Even if the top might have a lot of drama, I like to anchor the look always so that it looks wearable. My look isn’t like a Rihanna kind of outfit because I don’t commit all the way like she does most times. I think I have sometimes but it is not a consistent look. My day to day is crazy cool, I guess.

On how motherhood has changed her style:

I definitely have an appreciation for flats now even though I was never really a heels-person. I wore heels to work, now I am always trying to incorporate ways that I can wear a lower heel or just more comfortable shoes but maybe when my baby is a little older and a lot more independent, (I’ll ditch the flats again). Maybe it’s because I am carrying her all the time and I always want her with me, I discovered that it is safer to be closer to the ground.

On one beauty product, she can’t live without:

I can’t do without my 24-carat gold elixir. My Aurum oil that I collaborated with Narganics on creating. It is a skin saver because it is multi purpose. I use it as a Primer, I use it as a moisturiser, I use it a day oil. I add it to my body cream to give anti-oxidant properties to my body cream.

So it is definitely a live-without. I carry it everywhere with me. It was in my bag today, I used it just before the makeup artist did my look. It is just charged with really powerful healing oils and anti-ageing oils. It is just my favourite product at the moment. The gold just gives you this inner radiance, I just love to glow. I just love to have a greasy face and I don’t mean greasy bad but just that glow like ‘she just looks dewy’.

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