D’Prince Talks About Fatherhood And Reveals Plans To Marry His Babymama

Nigerian Singer and Don Jazzy’s younger brother, D’Prince has revealed that he is in a relationship with his baby mama and that he has plans of marrying her.

In an interview with Punch Newspaper, he revealed that his wedding will be a private event.

“I definitely have plans to get married to the mother of my child and as we speak, we are dating; we are in a relationship. I cannot say when I would get married because it is private information. The day I get married, no one would know. The reason why I am famous is because of my music and not my relationship life or family, so I want that to be my focus. What if my partner does not want to be in the limelight? I have to respect that. I don’t expose my private life,” D’Prince said

Talking about his fatherhood experience, D’Prince described it as life-changing

“Fatherhood has been awesome. Being a father has actually changed my life and because I have a child, I can say I am in a better place now. I wish this feeling of peace, settlement and vision for everyone. A lot of test and challenges have come my way but being able to overcome them has really made me fulfilled. Initially when my child was born, I was in shock because I did not believe that I had become a father. But apart from that, there was nothing scary. When I knew I was having a baby, I was scared because I did not know what the future would hold.” he said.

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