Comedian Akpororo Chose To Build His Mansion At Okokomaiko For This Reason

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Comedian Akpororo needs little or no introduction in and out of the entertainment industry. The funny man who made news a few week ago for building a mansion in Okokomaiko area of Lagos has revealed his reason for choosing that location.

Read his interview with Sunday Punch.

Jephthah Bowoto, aka Akpororo, speaks with OLUSHOLA RICKETTS, about his rise from humble beginnings, marriage, Yung6ix, and other things.

Was the turnout at your show, Akpororo vs Akpororo, what you expected?

I had a sold-out show, and I was so happy. I am preparing for next year, which will be the fifth edition. We bless God for the turnout this year and for making it a success. I must confess that this year has been good for me and you can see that yourself too. You can see that I am moving forward.

Do you have plans to venture into movies like some of your colleagues?

I would love to go into acting fully, but the job has to be good. If the scripts I get are good and the money is okay, nothing stops me from acting. The truth is, many directors have approached me, but I am usually not okay with the money they offer. I wouldn’t take an acting job if it is not worth it. We all know that acting is time-consuming.

You seem to be a good dancer; why did you settle for comedy?

Yes, I dance quite well, but I have never thought of being a professional dancer. While growing up in Warri, Delta State, I went for competitions. I was very young then, my mother was always with me. I love dancing and it is even part of my craft as a comedian. You can see that I dance a lot on stage while performing. If I decide to take dance seriously now, I will still do well with it. My wife also dances well and it is certain that we must learn from each other. In the near future, I plan to dance with my wife on stage during my annual show.

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