Checkout The Top 15 Most Expensive Hotel Rooms In Nigeria – See How Much They Cost Per Night (With Pictures)

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Nigeria has focused on transforming fantasies into reality when it comes to luxury hotels and accommodation. For people with money, Nigeria is a great place to be when it comes to expensive hotels, where they can powernap on the finest sheets. It may interest you to know that several hotels in Nigeria offer expensive rooms that can probably buy you an acre of land in your village. However, some Nigerians pamper themselves and indulge in good life by lodging in these luxury hotels.

We have put together a list of the 15 most expensive hotel rooms in Nigeria. If you were given a choice of picking a luxury hotel room for a night, which of these hotels would you choose? Life is too short not to see the wonders of these hotel rooms.

1. 1 King Executive Suite – InterContinental Lagos Hotel

intercontinental-lagos-1 King Executive Suite

Ultra-luxury is the exact word for Intercontinental Lagos Hotel, a place where a night’s stay may cost more than the average gross salary. Think of a room that you would be paying an average nightly rate of $ 2,435.00 USD.  You must be wondering the type of sleep that you would get there. This is more than luxury; you are offered a complete breakfast, 2 hours boardroom usage, lounge access cocktail and Ferragamo bath amenities. You can request for rollaway bed and Nespresso machine. This is really an upmarket hotel for lavish purses! Visit: Intercontinental Lagos Hotel

Rates: $ 2,435.00 per night as at 12th March, 2015

Location: Kofo Abayomi Street – Plot 52 Victoria Island, Lagos

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