You Can Make More Money As A Student And Here Are 7 Side Jobs To Get You Started

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Yes, we know that as students, extra cash is always needed and sometimes, you just do not feel like troubling your parents for some more money.

Yes, that is perfectly understandable, and there are legal ways to make some extra money as a student.

There is no need to be worried that it would affect your academic performance- all you need to do is plan your schedule well.

Interested in these side hustles for students? then read on.

1. Baking and Confectioneries

As a student, you can take advantage of celebration and partying such as birthdays, graduation, matriculation, convocation, hall weeks etc to start up a baking and confectioneries business.

Some students love snacks and would prefer that to cooking any day, so if you are into that business, you are sure to make your money.

You can bake:

  • Cakes
  • General snacks eg puff puff, chin-chin, doughnut, buns, egg roll etc
  • Small chops, Sharwama and pizza etc

One thing about baking is that if you are able to satisfy your clients, then  more jobs would start trooping in which means more money. All you need do is to be exceptional in your business.

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