These Benefits Of Using Foundation Is Essential To Every Woman’s Beauty Routine

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Of course, we have all been told at one point or the other reasons why wearing foundation is not the best choice.

We hear things like-clogs the pores, looks unnatural, does not let the skin breath etc. All the things your your elderly relatives probably used to tell you!

But it has been discovered that foundation actually does more good than harm to the face. Want to know the benefits of foundation? Read on!

1. Foundation serves as a barrier against pollution and toxins in the environment.

2. It also evens out skin colour and adds radiance to your complexion.

3. With foundation, large pores can be made to look smaller.

4. Skin blemishes can be made to look less noticeable after using foundation.

5. It acts as a base for the rest of your make up.

6. Wearing foundation is sure to give you more confidence in your appearance.

7. A lot of foundations contain sunscreen which you should normally wear everyday anyway as a means to be rid of ageing and skin cancers.

8. The right foundation can help make you look younger.

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