Why These Actresses Believe Sleeping Your Way To The Top Is Not A Bad Thing

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Sisters and actresses Tracy and Treasure Daniels in a new interview the sisters said they see absolutely nothing with their colleagues having to sleep their ways to the top.

What are you up to lately?

Generally, we don’t like to put our plans out there because bread is not sold while still in the oven but on display.We work quietly and bring you the outcome. Our skin care products could be mentioned here because it’s ready and available for launch on our birthday on October 21. In fact, that’s the thing we’ve been up to lately.
However, our latest movie and the roles we played in it are also worthy of mention. It was directed by Sir Uchenna Agbo and shot in Enugu State alongside other great talents. The characters we played are Jenifer and Jessica. The movie is very interesting and at the same time challenging. The characters demand acting out a disturbed drrug addict, which is far from the kind of roles we’ve played in previous movies.

What do you like about the characters you acted?

Anybody who had watched Unknown Caller would attest to this. However, nothing remains our best for too long, another best is already on the way.

How was your growing up?

I could say we were born with silver spoon, but I would rather say with golden spoon. Our parents are members of the clergy; we grew up in a parsonage which I consider a privilege because that’s what has shaped us into who we are today.

What childhood experiences made you cry?

Whenever anybody attempted to separate us or if my twin sister was traveling without me, we would cry or take ill until we were reunited or allowed to go on the trip go together. Also, anytime our dad was traveling back to his pastoral work, we would cry and fall sick as well. That’s how much we cherish our father.

Would you like to change anything in the way you were brought up?

Growing up, our parents were like missionaries. They were always going on transfer or traveling from one state to another and that affected our stability as children. We couldn’t concentrate in one school. We were always the new kids and we also missed our friends. If we had our way, we wouldn’t have accepted that kind of growing up.

What is your most [email protected] moment in Nollywood?

It was when one of us wanted to play smart and switched roles in the movie entitled A friend of Mine. Tracy was supposed to be on set, but she also had a date with her boyfriend on that day. So, we agreed that rather than cancel the date,Treasure would stand in and help shoot her scenes. Little did we know that the director would find us out. Kabat was a very smart person, and good director. We give it up to him.

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