9 Brilliant Ways To Know Your Campus Girl Is Cheating #3 Is Clear

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ways to know your campus girl is cheating on you...

Dating in Campus is a disaster. I stand in a great queue of people who met on campus, swam in its murky waters and ended up marrying-you are heroes of our age.

If you are a campus student who thinks you are on top of your game, juggling girls all over the campus, you might be the one who is getting played.

How would you know? Read on.


How your girlfriend has saved you on her phone says a lot about your position in her life. Being simply saved as ‘Victor’ or ‘Mike’ can point to some serious trouble. Hell, some girls have been known to save their ‘boyfriends’ as ‘Rent’ or ‘Free food’. Be sure to take note of the sobriquets you are given.


She tells you she is going to sleep at nine every day. We all know that no campus girl sleeps at 9 every day. The truth is, boyfriend number two starts chatting and calling at 9. So sit in line and wait.

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