These 7 Tips Would Help You Avoid Being In A Situationship

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How do you avoid going into a situationship instead of relationship? Let your mind be at rest, we would define it.

A situationship is a relationship which looks and feels like one but -its not one. It can also be defined as a relationship which has no label and is not defined.

It is also  a situation where  a guy and lady who are supposedly friends begin to act and do things lovers do e.g having $eex, sleeping over at each other’s place, cooking together,talking several times in a day etc yet the ‘relationship’ isn’t defined or the guy hasn’t asked the girl out.

It is a confusing situation to be in hence the  term ‘situationship’ as many ladies and women have fallen victim thinking they were in love not knowing their emotions were been toiled with.

Not sure how to avoid being in a situationship? These tips would guide you:

1. Make what you want very clear.

A lot of people do not know how important this tip is. Yes, we  know you don’t want to scare the guy away but somewhere in one of your long late night conversations, Find a way to discuss relationships. And somewhere in that conversation, let them know what you want.

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Let them know that you are not looking for a fling or casual dates. You want a serious, stable relationship.

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