7 Times Og Styletemple Gave Us Gorgeous Asoebi Outfit Inspiration (With Photos)

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Weekends are for weddings and many women generally love to look flawless when it comes to dressing up for weddings.

From hair to makeup and outfit, women generally make it a point of duty to slay and with the internet at our finger tips, getting style insppiration from your favourite celebrity even make it better.

One celebrity that women easily get style inspiration from is Ogugua Okonkwo, the brain behind the famous Abuja based fashion brand; OgStyleTemple.

Overtime, Og has she is fondly called has been a mjor force to reckon with in the fashion and beauty industry.

Here are 7 times Og Styletemple gave us asoebi outfit inspiration.

1. Og stunned in this high slit dress with floral appliques

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