7 Style Tips Bound To Make Every Slim Lady The Talk Of Town (With Photos)

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In the height of constantly evolving fashion trends, it is extremely important to point out that body type is the ultimate determining factor when deciding on what style to rock and which to [email protected] up on.

So for slim girls, this would include trends revolving around bright colours, fitted silhouettes and a heavy dose of accessories and less of the dark colours, V-necks and vertical stripes.

The important thing here is always to accentuate what little curves exist while playing down on your less than flattering areas.

Now, what exactly can a slim girl rock and what outfit or fashion trend  should she stay far away from? Read on to find out.

1.) Belts

Belts should be every slim girl’s best friend. Slim girls need all the curves they can get and nothing spells curvy better than a cinched in waist. So, what better way to achieve this than with belts?

Invest in slim belts in various colours and also bigger ones and pair them with tops or dresses for an even slimmer looking waist and wider looking hips.

Also pair slim belts with slightly oversized shirts and leggings/jeggings or skinny jeans for an super chic look.

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