6 Tips Would Help You Plan A Successful Small Budget Wedding

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how to have a small budget wedding


Every weekend somewhere in Nigeria, a wedding ceremony takes place invariably. From Lagos to Ogun, all the way to Sokoto and Kwara, one lady leaves her parents and willingly clings to her husband.

However, things aren’t as they used to be. Cost of living is now extremely high and Nigerians are now known with cries of “In this Recession?”

Does this mean that wedding ceremonies no longer hold? The answer is no. The reality is that people are gradually finding ways in which to cut cost during their wedding and limit expenses.

So if you want to find out how to have a gorgeous but small budget wedding, this is definitely for you.

# 1. Cut down Number of Guests

This point cannot be over emphasized. Not everyone ought to be invited to your wedding. Secondary school mates you have lost contact with, very distant relatives, exes and the list goes on. Except you have a really large budget and you aren’t afraid of expenses, then you can go on to invite every Tom, dick and Harry. But if you are considering your budget, then invite only your very close friends and family members.

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