These 5 Wedding Traditions And Their Weird Origins Would Totally Surprise You (With Photos)

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From wearing a veil to having bridesmaids; from throwing the bouquet to wearing a white dress, there are many weird traditions that have become the norm at every wedding ceremony.

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While you’ve probably figured out the fact that these practices originated from a person or country, you probably don‟t know what they mean; how and how they came to be.

Below are some wedding traditions that have weird origins.

1. White wedding dress

It has probably struck you as odd why brides choose to wear white wedding dresses to their ceremonies. No other colour but white in most cases!

Actually, the idea started about 200 years ago when Mary, Queen of Scots chose to wear a white dress to her wedding (at the time, red was the most popular colour and white dresses were worn to funerals!).

The amazing thing is that Mary‟s husband died a few years later and she had been blamed.

In 1840, Queen Victoria also defied the norm by wearing a white satin gown in what was an obvious show of defiance and wealth.

Needless to say, the white dress became a [email protected] success; a new style that is still adopted till today.

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