These 5 Tips Would Tell You If You Are Going Into Marriage or The Wrong Reasons (With Photos)

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Love should obviously be the prime motive for marriage but it’s amazing how many single people let other factors come to the fore.

So before agreeing to lifelong commitment with your partner, make sure it’s not for any of these five reasons.

7 Obvious Signs That You Are In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship

1. You’ve reached the ‘marriage age’

Many people believe there’s a certain deadline for marriage and when it looms they feel the pressure. This concept of “marriage age” can come from social norms, culture or tradition or even friends and family. But in reality, there’s no cut-off age for marriage.

These days it’s perfectly normal to get married at any stage of adulthood. If friends or family start asking questions or dropping hints, ignore them. Only marry when you both feel ready and are excited about the prospect of life as a married couple.

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