These 5 Tips Would Teach You How To Care For Your Suits

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2. Iron With Care

When you iron, you’re using heat to loosen fabric fibers and press them flat. Unfortunately, there’s also a good chance you can end up burning or yellowing the fabric if you’re not doing it properly.

Using too much heat on delicate fabrics can completely ruin them, so make sure you always use the right heat level for the type of fabric you’re ironing.

3. Practice Good Storage Habits

Whether you have a wardrobe or a couple of shelves, the way you store your suits can make them last for years or, alternatively, leave them looking unkempt and damaged in just a few months.

Hang them properly after wear and do not be tempted to discard them in a corner until the next time you are ready to wear.

4. Dress After You Finish Your Hair and Makeup

Women’s clothing have the tendency to get damaged more  when compared to men’s because women use cosmetics that can stain and fade garments. By doing your hair and makeup before you get dressed, you can avoid those issues.

Better still, wear something breezy while you go through your daily routine to prevent things like lipstick and bronzer from getting on your suit.

Hairspray is one of the main factors for fading a suit untimely, so resist the urge for a final spray before you head out the door.

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