40 Interesting Yoruba Names That Would Make Your Children Stand Out

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Names are very important. The African culture believes that what a parent names a child sometimes affect how the child behaves or what they grow to be.

Hence, you should not just pick any name off your head for your child. Research can be made into the meaning or origin of a name. You want the best for your child, don’t you?

Today, we will be paying attention to Yoruba names

Below are some of the most beautiful Yoruba names ever and their meanings.

1. Adekanmi; I am entitled to the crown

2. Adekilekun; the crown makes the house full

3. Adekitan; the crown does not finish/end

4. Adekoyejo; the crown brings together titles

5. Adelabi; we gave birth to a crown

6. Adelana; the crown opens the way

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