4 controversial scandals that have affected the career of veteran actor Baba Suwe

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Nigerian veteran actor Baba Suwe is one
who is popularly known by man Nigerians within and outside the country.
This is due to the hilarious roles he has played in many movies. With
his coal darkened face, large, overdressed physique and fiery, funny
words, he has won the hearts of many people. But at the peak of his
career, he was roped in certain controversies which nearly wrecked his

The amiable Baba Suwe whose
real name is Babatunde Omidina is indeed one celebrity who caught the
attention of many people. His hilarious movies and skits have been
played by one too many people over and over again.

the heydays of his career, the hilarious Nollywood star was highly
favoured by many especially those who were huge fans of Yoruba-speaking
movies. However, the veteran actor has jumped from one scandal to

being implicated in a drug case to being pointed to as the father of
another actress’ child, the Nollywood actor has been involved in several
not-so-good situations which have put significant dents in his career.
Here are three top scandals Baba Suwe has been involved in.

1. Murder

greatest scandal that Baba Suwe has been reeled into is the one
surrounding the death of his wife and colleague Monsurat Omidina.
Monsurat popularly known as Omoladun Kenkelewu died in 2009. According
to reports, she foamed at her mouth till she suddenly gave up the ghost.
One report particularly said that she also had bruises on her neck.

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