15 Manchester United’s Worst Signings Of All Time (With Pictures)

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The 20-time English champions have made some amazing signings over the years, but they have not been without their bloopers in the market either

Some of the signings made by Manchester United over the course of the last 30 years have changed the football world as we know it. But for every Cantona there is a Kleberson.

Louis van Gaal and David Moyes received criticism for their various failures in the market, but Sir Alex Ferguson racked a fair few up in his 27 seasons too and he was far from the first United boss to be made to look a bit silly.

Neymar: I could join United – or Eibar

Perhaps a club as successful as United is there to be shot at more than most, so poor signings are remembered with some fondness by rival fans. But there has been plenty of ammunition offered up over the years in that regard.

Below, Goal goes through the 15 worst signings that the Reds have ever made…

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